Our company, 999Cashmere.it is a passionate supporter of the Made in Italy brand.

Our primary objective is to guarantee all our customers that items purchased on our website are products of true Italian artisan quality.

But what exactly does “Made in Italy” mean?

Each nation has its own distinctive brand that characterizes its products, and that makes them stand out for their exclusive characteristics. For example, “Made in USA” is a guarantee of innovation and state-of-the-art products; “Made in Japan” is synonymous with high technology, “Made in Italy“, on the other hand, expresses the excellence of creativity and mastery, especially in the field of fashion.

As a matter of fact, our beautiful country stands out in the field of clothing and accessories, putting it in first place for its high-quality textiles and the perfect elegance and refinement that permeate our products, making them superior in quality, especially in terms of materials used.

In our case, Made in Italy means that our Cashmere T-shirts are made entirely in Italy, from the design and paper work, to the finished product that is ready to be sold online.

According to Article 24 of the European Customs Code (Regulation EEC 2913/1992), a product which has been manufactured in two or more countries shall be considered as originating in the country where the last substantial processing or working took place.

This means that if an article is produced 70% abroad and 30% in Italy (in the case of a bag, 30% would correspond approximately to the assembly of the handles and the label of the bag itself), that same article can be labeled as Made in Italy. Even more shocking is that an article that has even been completely produced abroad could bear the Made in Italy brand if commissioned by a company based in Italy.

What does this imply ?

Some Italian companies, including many prestigious fashion brands, choose to move a large part of their production abroad, where the cost of processing is certainly cheaper because the same number of staff employed to make an article has a much lower cost. By so doing, companies can increase their profit margins, but at the same time, since the staff are much less qualified, the quality of the goods produced is also considerably low.

On the one hand, with the adoption of these policies, many companies are able to obtain excellent annual returns, with sales remaining high because the product continues to bear the made in Italy label, meanwhile on the other hand, production costs are much lower. In this way it is also possible to lower sales prices to make the product more competitive and commercial, compared to others, thereby making it accessible to a larger portion of the market.

Unfortunately, this situation can only penalize small and medium-sized enterprises that, like us, have been producing pure Made in Italy products for generations, and that would like to continue doing so, offering our products to a clientele that truly appreciates Italian quality.

Entrepreneurs like us, on the other hand, decide to maintain the entire production in Italy, thus ensuring the best quality of materials, highly qualified Italian craftsmanship, and products that are 100% Made in Italy.

Our company fully supports this second philosophy, because our desire is to guarantee all our customers, articles that represents the best of Italian production and quality, products that are worthy of the Made in Italy brand.

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