Within the circle of high-end clothing, few other fabrics come close to 100% Italian made cashmere. You might be wandering, why Italian? As it is clearly explained in one of our previous articles “MADE IN ITALY“, Italy has and the ‘made in Italy’ phrase has always stood for much more than words, and go to confirm the skill and craftsmanship of Italians in fields such as arts and textiles. When referring to cashmere, we therefore use 100% Italian made cashmere as the gold standard.

Recent trends in the Cashmere Market

Over the last couple of years, a new trend has gradually found permanent footing in the cashmere industry, which is that of recycled cashmere. As the name implies, recycled cashmere is gotten from all cashmere clothes that have either shrunk during washing, or which have got holes and other alterations.
Recycled cashmere clothes are gotten by sourcing old cashmere garments which are then sorted, thorn out and re-spun to create recycled cashmere fabric.

Why the growth of the current trend

There are several reasons why recycled cashmere is gradually becoming a thing. Firstly, due to the continuous negative effects of global warming, the grass on which the Hircus Goat feeds in the Himalayas and Mongolia are no longer as bountiful as they ones were. This in turn has led to a fall in the amount of cashmere each goat produces over its lifespan. The corresponding shortage has led to a fall in the availability of the raw materials needed for the production of cashmere clothes. As per the law of demand of supply, a shortage in supply translates to price hikes, which a lot of manufacturers can keep up with it. In their quest to stay in business, these manufacturers have turned to recycling old cashmere garments.
Another reason why the business of recycling cashmere is booming is because of the increase growth of eco friendliness, which advocates for the recycling of all things to avoid waste that could inherently pose a threat to our environment. Recycled cashmere comes across as more appealing to environmental fanatics who are constantly advocating for a green world, and see it as their responsibility to patronize businesses that are going green.
Lastly , recycled cashmere clothes are here to stay because they are comparatively cheaper than cashmeres that are produced from directly from the fur of goats. Some people are therefore only too happy to become a part of this high end fashion trend at a bargain. There will always be a market for cheaper products.

Should you go for Recycled or Original Cashmere ?

The choice on whether or not to go for original, 100% Italian made cashmere, or if to go for recycled cashmere is largely dependent on your budget. One thing you should note though is the fact that recycled cashmere is weaker and of lower quality than original cashmere clothing. Whilst you will be getting recycled cashmere at a bargain and probably supporting an environmentally worthy cause, it should be clear that recycled cashmere is nothing like 100% Italian made original cashmere.