Made in Italy and Italian fashion designer Christian Fioroni, the excellence of the Beautiful Country

When it comes to fashion, the Beautiful Country has always been at the forefront.

Italian fashion, an emblem of style and elegance is still today one of the most important attractions for the international tourism sector.
Together with art and gastronomy, the Italian fashion sector and in particular its textile industry – clothing, footwear and leather goods – represents a high turnover, as well as quality products exported all over the world.

But what is Made In Italy exactly ?

fashion made in italyAcross the world, Made in Italy is considered synonymous with originality, style and high quality.
With the English expression “Made in Italy” it is technically indicated the process of recognition and evaluation of Italian craftsmanship and industrial production in terms of quality of materials, aesthetic taste and attention to detail. Fundamental requirements that have allowed many Italian products to excel in commercial competition on an international scale.
Over the years, the expression Made In Italy has turned into a real brand, that is a trademark with a notoriety which has been included in the world ranking after the brands Coca-Cola and VISA.
In every product category, Italian products have gained an important reputation and the reasons for this worldwide success can be traced back to the historical, cultural and artistic tradition typical of our territory.

In fact, our peninsula boasts a rich and varied aesthetic and environmental heritage that over time has significantly influenced the artistic and craftmanship substratum, with a strong creative sensibility and manufacturing skills. Italian craftsmen, stylists and designers have been able to express their creative talent, passion and ability to do well into high-quality works of art.

The crafts of art and luxury made in Italy.

fashion made in italyThe success of our italian fashion designer Christian Fioroni on the world markets which is very competitive is due to excellence, the result of the synthesis between art and craftsmanship, manual skills and design.
To this day, the crafts of art, expression of the most authentic culture of our territory have a fundamental importance, thanks to the use of new technologies in the work process.
In fact, the ability of manual gesture has been combined with the practical functionality of increasingly innovative machinery thanks to which our country has been able to keep up with the pace in the field of excellence over an extended period of time.
The Italian fashion houses have concentrated in real multinationals of luxury, so much so that today the great Made in Italy brands excel all over the world: Prada, Ferrè, Gucci, Tod’s, Valentino, Armani, Versace, Cavalli, Dolce&Gabbana, Moschino, Trussardi, Missoni, Biagiotti, Rocco Barocco and many others.
In order to ensure that the Made in Italy tradition continues and becomes a resource for future generations, We of 999 Cashmere treasure our master craftsmen and continue to produce for our elite exclusively in Italy on a daily basis.

Our T-shirts, made exclusively from high-quality cashmere yarns, are handcrafted and sold worldwide by our Italian fashion designer.

Made in Italy, tradition and progress: these are the cornerstones on which our brand is founded, according to our italian fashion designer.

Don’t let the world lose such an important historical tradition.
Just choose real Made in Italy products and protect your purchases.

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