How to wash a cashmere clothing in 4 simple moves

Cashmere is a very precious and delicate fiber obtained from the wool of the hircus goat, commonly found in Asia, India, China, Mongolia and Pakistan. A soft and warm fabric with which we make caps, scarves, gloves and with which we make our T-shirts.

Being very delicate, cashmere requires the right care, especially during washing. In order to best preserve its value and softness, it will be best to take your clothing to the laundry but alternatively, you could try washing on your own, which should be done exclusively by hand. It is strictly forbidden to wash cashmere clothing with a washing machine.
Although, just the idea of washing a cashmere clothing at home gives most people chills, here is a series of suggestions you can follow without the fear of ruining this precious and very warm wool. Unlike what you might think, washing a T-shirt or cashmere sweater at home is really very simple and once you have learned how to do it, you can say goodbye to the laundry!

But let’s look at the 4 fundamental steps to follow to correctly wash and preserve our favorite fabric.

1. Hand washing

The first advice is fundamental and consists in never washing your sweater or cashmere T-shirt in the washing machine because the method will be too harsh for this precious wool.
The cashmere is washed by hand, soaking the clothing in slightly lukewarm water and diluting it with a mild neutral shampoo. Then leave it to soften for 20 minutes.

2. Never wring out cashmere

Once the soaking time of your cashmere clothing has elapsed, remove the idea of squeezing it out of your mind as you would with any other fabric.
Rather, wrap the cashmere clothing in a towel and gently roll it up so that the drying process starts slowly. The clothing should be left wrapped in the towel until it has absorbed most of the water.

3. How to spread a cashmere clothing

The drying process then continues with the removal of the towel with which you wrapped the sweater. Then lay another dry towel horizontally over the hanger and put the cashmere sweater on it so that it has no folds. A very important recommendation while drying your cashmere clothing is to keep it away from heat sources such as radiators and direct sunlight.

4. Gently stretch it

If you have stretched it well, there won’t even be any need to iron it, but if by chance you have formed some folds, some wrinkles, you can iron the cashmere sweater with a cloth between the iron and your clothing. I recommend that you iron it without steam, using the appropriate setup to iron the wool. If your piece of cashmere clothing has accumulated a few pellets over time, carefully remove them using only the appropriate cashmere comb.

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