Because we support Made in Italy

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Our company, is a passionate supporter of the Made in Italy brand. Our primary objective is to guarantee all our customers that items purchased on our website are products of true Italian artisan quality. But what exactly does "Made in Italy" mean? Each nation has its own distinctive brand that characterizes its products, and [...]

Made in Italy: what does it really mean?

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Made in Italy is an indication of origin of any type of good or product, whose origin is certified as 100% Italian. The 100% Made in Italy certification aims at confirming the value of a product of true Italian origin. It is performed in line with all the parameters provided for by the Italian law [...]

Precious yarns: cashmere and merino wool

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Cashmere and merino wool. Here are some differences Cashmere and merino wool are yarns of animal origin which are winter friendly and can be used in very similar ways. Both are considered to be the most beautiful and softest fabrics that exist, however, between the two there are some substantial differences. The first big difference [...]

Caring for cashmere garments

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Here are some tips on how to keep our 100% cashmere T-shirts always looking new Just a few simple tips are enough for you to take care of a cashmere clothing, thereby making it to always look new. In this article, we will give you suggestions and recommendations on how to properly maintain a fabric [...]

Cashmere, how to identify it

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That cashmere is the perfect wool with which to make the softest, warmest and most comfortable sweaters is a fact. But not everyone is perhaps able to distinguish it from the many other valuable types of wool that are currently in circulation. For the uninitiated, it is often not easy to identify a quality sweater [...]